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It can be such a challenge to find a natural minded physician who truly cares about your wellness. Rebirth is unique as the best holistic OBGYN in Savannah. GeorgAnna Wiley was so kind as to answer a few questions for me that I hope will help you! It is important to note that while she cares for women before, during and after pregnancy, she focuses on gynecology and does NOT deliver babies.

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  • What is the name of your practice and where are you located?

I am an APRN, MSN, CNM, WHNP-BC, BSN, BA, and CPM with 20+ years medical and Master Herbalist experience, 2 Bachelors and double Masters degrees. Rebirth Holistic Women’s Health opened June 2021 at 5102 Paulsen St building 8 in Savannah, blending mainstream medicine and natural healthcare into holistic gynecology, offering affordable virtual and in-person 30-60 minute visits. 

  • What types of services do you offer?

I use my more than 20 years experience as a women’s health provider to offer virtual and in-person women’s health and beyond – I help women with autoimmune, stress, and mood disorders (depression and anxiety) with neurotransmitter testing and hormone balancing, focus on helping women heal from trauma, and also offer urgent care gyn (STI testing, issues with discharge, problem focused visits), annual exams, pap smears, birth control as well as natural alternatives, help with pregnancy or postpartum issues, natural fertility enhancement, cycle regulation, genetic testing, functional medicine, healing sessions for women with trauma, herbal consults, prescriptions, all with a focus on empowerment, self love, and releasing shame/guilt which often manifest as pain. 

I offer workshops and upcoming courses promoting empowerment and health awareness, as well as shedding guilt and shame. I will be launching an herbal line that is all for stress, anxiety, depression, and women’s health.

  • How are you different than other providers in the area?

I want to offer the missing piece in women’s healthcare, and deeply help women heal. I listen to women, we work together to get to the root of your issue, and look at your entire life. I can see women tomorrow, there is no waiting for an appointment or in the waiting room. I am highly knowledgeable of natural options and incorporate them into your care. I address autoimmune issues, stress, anxiety, and depression by checking neurotransmitters, balancing hormones, and with natural approaches that work.  I noticed almost no providers address sexual trauma, even though 1 in 3 women experience trauma. Unaddressed trauma often unpins depression, anxiety, shame, pain, and fear, making exams painful. My clientele overwhelmingly reports sexual trauma, many having avoid gyn care for years due to fear of exams. Women have written testimonials attesting to finding my exams gentle, empowering, and deeply healing. I want to help women heal from trauma, so they can love their bodies fully. 

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  • Tell us about how you began your journey to being a holistic OBGYN in Savannah.

Looking back, I have always been a midwife and herbalist – my Barbies were forever giving birth, I insisted on helping my cats breastfeed and was jealous I couldn’t lactate, at slumber parties ever since 5th grade I would hypnotize friends to relive their birth and in utero experiences. In college, I studied neuroscience and my first bachelors was Behavioral Psychobiology with an emphasis on courtship and copulation, my thesis was on human reproduction. My second Bachelors was in Nursing, my dual Masters was in Midwifery and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. I then went on to become a Certified Professional Midwife and started my home birth practice (Savannah Midwifery LLC) – providing gynecology care to postmenopausal women and intellectually disabled young women in their homes, and helping women heal old trauma by supporting them through the transformative yet empowering pain of birth for 9 years.

Through my own personal journey through grief, life trauma, and 6 pregnancy losses, I experienced my own painful growth and transformation… I realized how healing is a state of connection, to yourself and the world around you. I started seeing large numbers of women with unresolved sexual traumas which no provider had ever asked about, manifesting as a wide variety of reproductive and health concerns including depression, anxiety, chronic pelvic pain, vaginismus, vaginitis, difficulty with intimacy. I realized my calling is helping women find the connection between their trauma and their physical health issues and release it, while also providing wellness and preventative high-quality care that incorporates integrative modalities to diagnose and treat a broad range of issues as a licensed medical provider. 

  • What has brought you the most joy with your patients?

By far, helping women love themselves and their bodies has been the most rewarding gift imaginable.

  • What types of insurance do you accept?

I bring comprehensive care to un/underinsured, marginalized women, and those dissatisfied with mainstream medicine, for the same price as one massage or counseling session.

  • If wanting OB services, when should a mother reach out to to set up her first appointment?

I help women prepare for birth, address prenatal issues naturally, give second opinions, heal trauma including from previous births, help with postpartum issues including mood, pain, pelvic floor healing, and birth control. I am not currently attending births so I can focus on providing gyn care.

  • Please share anything else you’d like us to know!

I have been really impressed by how much checking your neurotransmitters and balancing your hormones can help with mood, autoimmune disorders, sleep, and quality of life. I offer free 15 min visits, and happy to help women however I can! If anyone would like to see workshops on a certain topic related to women’s health or stress offered in our community, please let me know! I am @happy vaginas on social media, and my website is Thank you! 

Thank YOU GeorgAnna for your time and all the attention you focus on women in the Savannah area! You are an asset to our community and empower women to expect high quality care.

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