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As you approach your due date, doula services are something you may not have thought of. The word “doula” comes from ancient Greek meaning “a woman who serves”. And serve they do! This office provides a variety of services from classes to postpartum and beyond. Jessica Koski, owner and doula since 2012, was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. My hope is that it helps YOU in deciding which services are right for you. Check out this Doula Savannah GA!

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Interview with Nested – Doula Savannah GA

  • Where is “Nested” located?

Nested is nested right between Memorial and Candler hospitals at 813 66th Street in Savannah, Georgia. 

  • Where do you provide services? (home, birth center, hospital, etc.)

We have classes, prenatals, breastfeeding consultations, and interviews at the office location, but will accommodate for a home visit if it’s necessary.  We do labor and birth support wherever the laboring person happens to be when they need us!

  • How is it a unique offering for the Savannah area?

I am the only doula with an office!  We also offer placenta encapsulation in our dedicated “placenta kitchen”, a classroom for group classes and support groups, as well as a lending library, TENS unit rentals, bereavement services, and another service we can’t announce just yet! Marissa and I also have our Bachelor of Science, hers in Nursing and mine in Maternal & Child Health. 

  • What made you open “Nested”?

My own postpartum experience as a teen mom/military spouse stationed overseas!  I recognized pretty quickly that families severely needed support!

  • What types of services do you provide?

We provide birth doula services: two prenatal meet and greets, a birth plan, on call labor support, birth support, and a postpartum check in. Support can look like positive affirmations, hands-on massage and pain relief, education and advocacy at the place of birth, and guidance for partners, pets, and siblings.  Occasionally we intercept an unwanted visitor or overly helpful grandma! 

Postpartum Doula: hourly care in-home for new families.  This can include but isn’t limited to education, breastfeeding support, newborn care, light housework, meal prep, and helping family members adjust emotionally. 

Breastfeeding consultation: with Jessica (me!) an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  This is a postpartum visit with the breastfeeding parent and baby.  It includes breast examination and oral examination as well as full feeding assessment, latch assessment, and referral for further work if needed. 

Placenta Encapsulation: Marissa processes placentas for moms wishing to consume them for health benefits.  This can be done as a pill, tincture, or chocolate!

Classes: we have childbirth education, Rebozo, and Prenatal Breastfeeding classes right now, but more to come later. 

Bereavement Doula: this service is free of charge and includes support, resources, and if desired, a burial gown from Legacy Gowns of Savannah (also located at the office). 

We have a lot of donated items for moms in need, a space for clients to meet with us, and a room currently available for rent!   

  • Please tell us how your passion for these types of services for mothers began.

I’d like to say my passion started at the beginning, but my work at the Health Department for 2 years really opened my eyes to underserved communities and the lack of support from the 1 week to the 6 week postpartum visit with your OBGYN.  My heart is really in the postpartum work, but I also enjoy prenatal education and the births are so much fun!

  • How many doulas, lactation consultants, etc. do you have?

2 at the moment, but we will be adding more soon!

  • How far into the pregnancy should moms be reaching out to begin working with you all?

Please do reach out with a couple months left if you are wanting classes!  I am always open to come to a birth at the last minute, but for classes, some planning is required. 

  • Does insurance typically cover these services?

Yes! Breastfeeding is 100% covered in most cases, postpartum support is usually covered up to 75% and births sometimes we can get lucky.  I do my own billing so it’s easier for all of us.

  • What types of payment plans do you offer?

The only requirements are a 25% down payment and paid in full by 38 weeks.  Other plans are case by case, but we’re flexible! 

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All encompassing services from one place is an added bonus! This type of truly caring support is invaluable for expecting and birthing mothers. And don’t forget the value in support once your little miracle arrives. Thank you so much again for providing so much information! Doula Savannah GA

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