A Classic Georgia State Railroad Museum Wedding

If you’re looking for an eccentric location to commemorate your special day, then the Georgia State Railroad Museum is the place to be. Weddings and receptions are classic affairs usually held in very traditional venues. Recently, however, unique wedding sites have become extremely popular. Especially if you’re a couple who marches to the beat of your own drum.

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Here are top 10 reasons you should have your very own Georgia State Railroad Museum Wedding:

1. One of a Kind Experience

The Georgia State Railroad Museum Wedding venue provides a one-of-a-kind experience for the couple and their guests. Patrons have the option to include historical interpreters and blacksmiths on their special day. Since a tour of the site by railcar is available for those so inclined, all-in attendance can hop on a literal wedding train to celebrate this memorable occasion.

2. Making History with History

A fascinating tourist attraction, the Georgia State Railroad Museum is a historical site that has been around since the 1800s. Despite the threats of demolishment, wear-and-tear, and changes it has seen throughout the years, this historical site has stood the test of time. It’s a silent testimony to the newlyweds that they too can endure all sorts of challenges when they stick together. So, make your own history with a piece of history.

3. Rustic Aesthetics

Aesthetics are imperative to every good wedding. Depending on the couple’s preferences, those can range from modern to bohemian and everything in between. However, if a rustic style is more to the betrothed’s liking, then the Georgia State Railroad Museum Wedding venue delivers. With its exposed brick, wooden beams, tall ceilings, and antebellum railroad facilities, the surroundings make a great backdrop for stunning wedding photos.

4. Unique Photo Opportunities

Speaking of wedding photos, the unique and fun photo opportunities at Georgia State Railroad Museum are endless. The on-site venue provides ready-made props such as antique train cars, architectural ruins, a working two-person hand cart, spacious lawns, bubbling fountains, exposed brick walls, and wooden trusses. It’s a wedding photographer’s dream come true!

5. On-Site Amenities

Don’t be deceived by the rustic look of the Georgia State Railroad Museum. This wedding venue, although ancient, still provides the couple and their guests with basic on-site amenities for everyone’s convenience. These on-site amenities include street parking, ample on-site parking, dining set up (tables and chairs), and on-site restrooms.

6. Vendor Flexibility

Some wedding and reception venues provide all-inclusive planning packages that lock the couple into specific vendors. However, at the Georgia State Railroad Museum location, vendor flexibility is front and center. There are some stipulations to keep in mind though. These include 1.) All outside vendors must review the site policies before doing any business on-site – which means they must be licensed, provide proper insurance and documentation. 2.) All vendors must be provided with contact information and arrival time before their arrival and setup. 3.) Vendors are allowed to set up only during museum hours and if it doesn’t interfere with daily operations. 4.) Vendors must be given prior approval before driving on-site. 5.) Vendors must abide by all museum rules and regulations.

7. Family Friendly

Georgia State Railroad Museum is a family-friendly venue site. So, couples can book these accommodations with full assurance that their guests won’t be reluctant to bring the kiddies along. The only request Georgia State Railroad Museum has is that children always have adult supervision while on-site.

8. Location

This unique and rustic wedding/reception is just an 8-to-10-minute drive from historic downtown Savannah. It’s a great central location if the couple and their guests choose to get in some shopping and site-seeing once all the festivities are over.

9. Wheelchair Accessibility

Another great reason to host your wedding/reception at the Georgia State Railroad Museum is that it’s partially wheelchair accessible. Here are the wheelchair accessible locations: The entrance to the museum is equipped with a wheelchair ramp, part of the Roundhouse and back buildings – the Blacksmith Shop, the Tender Frame Shop, and the Machine Shop included – are open and accommodating for wheelchair-bound users. The museum also has wheelchair-accessible restrooms.

10. Hop On the Wedding Train

So, step back in time, hop on the wedding train and host your very own eccentric wedding and reception at the rustically beautiful Georgia State Railroad Museum. A variety of onsite venue options are available at your disposal. Listed below are the accommodations you can choose from to make your special day an event that not only stands out but grabs at the heartstrings.


There are several on-site rental locations available to the public at the Georgia State Railroad Museum. Here are the options available:

  1. The Tender Frame Shop: Maximum Accommodation: 35 seated; 75 standing. This indoor space is the perfect spot for a small wedding reception. The only temperature-controlled building on the property.
  2. The Workers’ Garden: Maximum Accommodation: 75 seated (tables and chairs); 120 standing (chairs only). Directly outside the Tender Frame Shop, this spot has a beautiful fountain surrounded by greenery and is suitable for a more intimate affair or cocktail hour.
  3. The Machine Shop: Maximum Accommodation: 300 seated (tables and chairs); 350 seated (chairs only); 400 standing. This is an open-air, grassy area situated in the ruins of the railroad’s former Machine Shop.
  4. The Blacksmith Shop: Maximum Accommodation: 150 seated; 200 standing. This historical spot was completed in 1855 and is still in use. The perfect location for a rainy-day backup plan and with its exposed brick is quintessential rustic in all aspects of the word. It’s easily one of the favorite spots to hold a ceremony and or reception at Georgia State Railroad Museum.
  5. The Roundhouse/Overnight Shed: Maximum Accommodation: N/A. This spot is Georgia State Railroad Museum’s largest on-site event space and can accommodate hundreds of guests. The building is covered, element-controlled, and is open-aired at one side. It is equipped with a full stage with electricity for entertainment.

For your wedding and reception needs please contact: Natalie Butler nbutler@chsgeorgia.org office: 912-651-6823 x 203 cell: 912-312-3038

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