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Finding a quality chiropractor in Savannah, GA that truly focuses on wellness can be a challenge. When searching for any type of provider for our children, it is even more challenging. Thankfully Dr. Samantha Brown from Bright Life Chiropractic was kind enough to take her time to discuss being a pediatric Chiropractor in Savannah, GA.

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Interview with Dr. Samantha Brown – Chiropractor in Savannah, GA

  • What is the name of your practice and where are you located?

Bright Life Chiropractic. Located at 2 Park of Commerce Blvd. Suite D , Savannah. In the plaza with Larry’s Giant Subs, next to Kia. 

  • What makes you different from other local chiropractors?

I believe we are different for many reasons, one being the heart of our practice. We are a family referral based practice and the largest pediatric chiropractic practice in our area. Our heart is to serve others through specific chiropractic care and allow the body to function at its optimal level. All of our doctors and team absolutely love what they do and have all had life changing experiences with chiropractic care.

Our technique is also vastly different. We don’t twist and crack the spine. Utilizing Torque Release Technique’s specificity leads to better results and longer-lasting effects. The technique is effective on spines that have fusions, bulging discs, rods, degeneration, arthritis, and other spinal concerns that require a precise treatment methods. Torque Release Technique involves using The Integrator, a torque, and recoil release adjusting instrument. Through the specific analysis, we can identify where there is any nerve interference down to the exact vertebral level. Us doctors then apply gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments to realign the spine and remove the nerve obstruction. Although similar in appearance to the Activator, the Integrator is much more specific, allowing the doctor to adjust in three distinct planes.

  • How does specializing in prenatal & pediatric chiropractic care make you stand out? 

All of our doctors have intense prenatal and pediatric training and are Webster Technique Certified through the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. Many women come to us for infertility and become pregnant, irregular cycles that become regular, and to prepare their body for conception! We see women throughout their pregnancy for a number of reasons including low back pain, restless legs, tense and tight muscles, heartburn/reflux, optimal positioning, labor preparation, and much more.

We see babies right from birth, because us mamas know that even the most perfect and natural birth is still quite a process for themselves & their baby. We check babies gently in specifically and if necessary, make precise adjustments with the amount of pressure that you would use to check to see if a fruit is right. Aside from wellness checks, we care for babies and children with many health concerns including colic/reflux, allergies, tortocollis/helmet prevention, Autism Spectrum Disorders, “growing pains”, scoliosis, migraines/headaches, constipation, sports injuries, and more. 

  • Do you think having your own children has brought you a new appreciation to the need for quality chiropractic care for kids?

Absolutely! While pregnancy and pediatric care has always been my passion, experiencing pregnancy and the various aches and pains that go along with it- I could not imagine a pregnancy without chiropractic care! All three of our babies were checked from just an hour old and are regularly adjusted, healthy kids! Even our sweet 14 month old climbs on to the adjusting table and lies down. Anytime they get hurt or are feeling off, they ask to be checked. Makes my mama heart happy that they know health comes from within. I can’t fathom parenting without chiropractic care. It’s our go-to for any tumble they take, sniffle, and any ache or pain!

  • Please tell us what made you reach out to be a chiropractor and then to open your own practice.

I grew up in Sebring, Florida, a small town in Central Florida, with my parents and younger brother. From a young age, care and compassion, a love of serving, and a heart for the Lord was ingrained into me. I was actively involved in dance and competitive cheerleading, which took a toll on my body at a young age and ultimately led my mother to take me to a local chiropractor.

I suffered with an array of health concerns including migraines, heart conditions, chronic sinus infections, and allergies. By the time I was 15 years old, I had already experienced two sinus surgeries, a tonsillectomy, and two heart surgeries! My parents were very concerned about my health and I really began to become concerned with my future and felt so different from my friends with so many health issues.  No one had ever told my parents that chiropractic could help with my health concerns, making it my mission to ensure that everyone knows the importance of getting their babies and children checked for interference in their spines causing many preventable health concerns!

After following my chiropractor’s recommendations and receiving her specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments, I no longer experienced those health concerns and now live a life of optimal health! My life was changed so much by principled chiropractic care, I decided at 16 years old that my purpose in life would be to change the lives of others through specific, scientific chiropractic!

I moved to Marietta, Georgia to attend Life University College of Chiropractic, renowned as the best chiropractic college in the world. While attending Life University, I knew my passion was to serve pregnant women and children.  I have gained much experience and a heart for children with special needs including autism, ADHD, neurosensory integration disorders, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, to name a few. I became heavily involved with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association which in turn led me to create and develop the first Family and Pediatric Chiropractic Club at Life University.

While in Atlanta I met my husband, Dr. Jared Brown. We were so on fire for chiropractic we decided to open our family practice in Savannah in 2013! We have been married for over seven years, have three amazing children Jagger (5), Jude (3), & Saylor Grace (14 months) and still absolutely love chiropractic!

As a mother herself, Dr. Samantha Brown is a caring chiropractor in Savannah, GA who truly knows the needs of mothers and children. This quality specialized chiropractic care begins during pre-conception and goes on through the teen years. Be sure to check out Bright Life Chiropractic for your family. Thank you so much to Samantha for taking the time to chat with me!

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