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“First comes love, then comes marriage” – and in-between that comes wedding planning. Start here when planning your Bethesda Academy Wedding. One of the most important steps in planning any wedding is finding the right locale. Currently, there are over 70 wedding venues in and around the low country. Discovering the right setting to suit your personal needs and taste may be the easiest part of organizing this special affair. With a plethora of choices at your disposal, one place stands out. It is none other than the lovely venue at Bethesda Academy.

One of the many buildings at Bethesda Academy Wedding.

Bethesda Academy is widely known as a private school for young men grades 6-12. It may come as a surprise to you that it also serves as a wedding venue. At Bethesda Academy, you’ll immediately be transported to a world of romance. Prepare yourself for breathtaking views of lush greenery and scenic landscapes as majestic live oaks draped in Spanish moss serve as the backdrop to the couple’s special day.  It’s no wonder then, that venues such as these become the favorites of professional photographers.

I should know – I’m one of them! So, I turned to the person that could give me further insight into Bethesda Academy Weddings – Terry Longworth. Terry, who is the lead contact for planning a wedding/reception at Bethesda, kindly answered a few questions I raised regarding this charming venue.

Interview with Bethesda Academy Wedding

  • What makes Bethesda Academy stand out from other wedding venues?

Bethesda Academy is a historic site, one that draws people that are looking for history. The grounds are quintessential Savannah and since it is located on the marsh, it provides breathtaking views for all in attendance.

  • Although Bethesda Academy is known mainly as a private school for young men grades 6-12, how did the idea to use the grounds and chapel for weddings and receptions come about?  

The chapel was built in 1916 and has been used for a long time. The idea to use the grounds for wedding receptions came about 15 years ago once the proper policies were passed to enable receptions to be held.

  • If a couple were to request your services, what is included?

The services provided by Bethesda Academy is limited to the venue and sites and is depended upon which ones fit your specific needs and desires. Indoor and outdoor spaces are available. There are some exclusions, however. Case in point, for the outdoor spaces the couple will need to bring their own setup i.e., seating, tents, etc. While indoor spaces such as the chapel and the bridal suite are equipped with seating. It is important to note that Bethesda Academy is not a one stop shop so any ancillary items such as catering, music and decorations will need to be supplied by the couple.

  • Is it budget friendly – in other words, are packages tailored towards the financial needs of each couple?

Each location has a set fee. If the couple is looking to scale back on price, Bethesda will do what they reasonably can to make accommodations to fit the couples budget.

Location Options

A brief overview of this venue’s website, details the indoor and outdoor options available for future patrons. There are at least four different outdoor spaces that can accommodate wedding parties and their guests with a variety of aesthetics and sizes.

The Lady Huntingdon Amphitheater – If views of the wetlands are more to your liking, then the Lady Huntingdon Amphitheater features the marsh as a stage backdrop and provides room to set up tables and chairs for dining.

Tribble Plaza – For a more intimate experience, Tribble Plaza is in an outdoor courtyard equipped with four tables, eight chairs and two benches.

H. Burroughs-Lawton Patio – If ease of traffic flow is your top concern, then the L-shaped, H. Burroughs-Lawton Patio, is an open space which is connected by a walkway to Tribble Plaza and located between two signature buildings on the Bethesda Academy campus. This space allows use of both areas providing flexibility for your guests to effortlessly come and go.

The Berne – Are you looking for an area that combines space as well as views of the marsh? Then the Berne outdoor venue will be the perfect fit. Located in the center of Bethesda Academy campus, this spot provides both wedding party and guests with a blend of open spaces, views of the marsh, as well as natural canopy cover from the magnificent live oaks.

Whitefield Chapel – Whitefield Chapel is the indoor venue on the grounds of Bethesda Academy. This quaint building is nestled between majestic oak trees, and according to this venue’s website, it “has hosted weddings for superstar Paula Deen, actress Mandy Moore, and country singer Joe Nickles”, and seats 135 guests. Named for Bethesda’s founding father, George Whitefield, the chapel features original wooden pews, chandeliers, and altar.

4 Reasons to Have a Bethesda Academy Wedding

So, why should you choose Bethesda Academy as your wedding venue? Here’s four reasons why:

Aesthetics: The natural beauty surrounding Bethesda Academy provides the perfect setting for lovers of nature. You’ll be surrounded by majestic live oaks draped in Spanish moss, picturesque lakes, and beautiful views of the marsh. This is the place where functionality meets aesthetics.

Feel: As Terry Longworth so eloquently stated, Bethesda Academy is quintessential Savannah. If you love history and you love Savannah, then holding your wedding and/or wedding reception at this venue will provide you with that Old Savannah feel you’re searching for.

Flexibility: With the different spots available on site, you can find the right fit and look for whatever party size you’re hosting.

Location: Bethesda Academy is located at 9520 Ferguson Ave. Savannah, GA 31406 which is within a 15 minutes-drive from the center of Historic Savannah.  Think about it. Just a short commute from the hustle and bustle will allow you to enjoy the feeling of a more remote, quite space with family and friends. Ultimately, if functionality meets aesthetic is your style type. If you’re interested in history, Old Savannah, and all things nature. Then you can have your very own Bethesda Academy wedding/reception! You can contact Terry Longworth at (912) 691-5294 for your wedding and reception planning needs.

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